Posh Corps Shorts: Morocco

In November of 2015, singer/songwriter and former Peace Corps volunteer Socorra Camposanto returned to Morocco to perform in seven cities across the country. Socorra's tour mirrored her Peace Corps service as she taught music classes to young Moroccan students and encouraged them to perform publicly.

Socorra's return to Morocco perfectly captures the duality of Peace Corps service. She loves Morocco, but the country still has the power to drive her crazy. Despite her complex feelings, Socorra is committed to continuing her work in Morocco.

Previous Peace Corps Morocco Video:

Episode 5 of Posh Corps Shorts features Socorra, a singer/songwriter and returned Peace Corps volunteer who served in Morocco. Socorra produced her first album as part of a project during her Peace Corps service. The proceeds from the album went to a shelter for abused and abandoned girls in Morocco. Socorra also composed original music for the documentary Posh Corps.

Socorra's first album : socorramusic.bandcamp.com

Morocco environment and cultural images by Caitlin Connolly, caityconnolly[at]gmail. Photos used with permission from the photographer.