Mujaan: The Craftsman

A film by Chris McKee

Click on the trailer above for a sample from the 25 minute documentary. To stream it on Vimeo, click the tab that appears above it. 


About The Film

On the distant steppes of Mongolia, using only simple tools, strength and ingenuity, a nomad builds a home much the way his ancestors have for the past one thousand years. Mujaan (The Craftsman) is a vivid window to a disappearing way of life in a pristine wilderness.


“An utterly fascinating glimpse into a way of life that very few Americans will ever have the opportunity to experience firsthand. With the help of a glorious, simple soundtrack, what we observe on the screen almost takes on a mystical, hypnotic quality. Christopher McKee has done a beautiful, beautiful job. Worthy of Oscar consideration.”

— Todd David Schwartz, CBS Radio


“This is a beautiful film of rural life in Mongolia. Carefully-constructed and thoughtfully paced, it really conveys the essence of what is today almost an ideal – the herding family’s calm existence.”

— Professor Caroline Humphrey, Cambridge University



* Slamdance Film Festival
* Banff Mountain Film Festival
* Cinequest Film Festival
* Short Shorts Film Festival / Japan Expo 2005
* Sonoma Valley Film Festival
* Au Trans Mountain Film Festival
* Silver Lake Film Festival
* Telluride Mountain Film Festival
* Kendall Mountain Film Festival
* Syracuse Film Festival
* Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Mongolia’s 800th Anniversary celebration
* U.S. Peace Corps 41st Annual National Conference
* Indie Film Café, local broadcast, Milwaukee, U.S.


Chris McKee – Producer, Director, Videographer
Adam Heller – Editor
Amy Reed – Assistant Editor, Sound Designer
Badma – Assistant Producer, Assistant Director
Sukhé – Lead Actor
Daniel Feinsmith – Composer