Posh Corps Shorts: Honduras

Lowell Powell served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. He met Mayra Orellana in the tiny village of Santa Elena. Though small and unknown, Santa Elena produces some of the highest quality coffee. In order to help make this coffee more widely available, Lowell and Mayra started an new kind of coffee business. Their company, Catracha Coffee, works with farmers to ship coffee directly to merchants in the United States, and the profits are shared with the farmers.

Catracha Coffee

Sarah Gerber & Alan Toth

Alan Toth & Lauren Schwartzman

Lauren Schwartzman

Still Photography:
Lowell Powell & Zack Clark

"Flamenco Rhythm" from the album Sunsearcher Spirit by the artist Sunsearcher
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"Todo bueno tengo" from the album Viva La Pepa by Viva La Pepa
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Lowell Powell
Mayra Orellana-Powell
Victor Ventura

Special Thanks:
Sarah Gerber