The feature documentary Posh Corps focuses on the modern volunteer experience. Posh Corps presents the Peace Corps experience from the volunteer perspective. This intimate portrait of the volunteer experience is exactly what prospective volunteers need, a true vision of the experience they are contemplating. Posh Corps specifically avoids delving into the complexities of volunteer projects in order to focus on the volunteers as characters.

The Jamaica Project is a short film project which aims to fill this information gap for prospective volunteers. This short film will capture the experience of working on a development project in Jamaica. The Peace Corps volunteers in this film will serve as supporting characters. They will be just a few of the many people who must come together to organize a successful project. The volunteers will also serve as cultural ambassadors, translating cultural nuances for the viewer. This will help the viewer see a development project for what it really is: a complex task with many stakeholders, and many challenges.

The Jamaica Project is a much needed portrait of international development work. As this film will appear on the Posh Corps platform, it will provide the Peace Corps community with a true representation of the work that volunteers do in their communities. For general audiences, The Jamaica Project may be even more informative. This film will provide for general audiences a deeper understanding of development work.

Most films attempt to generalize in order to produce a clear call-to-action. Unfortunately, the current trend in films about international development is to produce a narrative which suggests that international development does more harm than good, or that it is a form of neocolonialism, or that it is simply ineffective. The producers of The Jamaica Project do not subscribe to this view. Our intention is to capture the complexities of international development work. We want to exhibit the people in Jamaica who are committed to developing their own communities, as well as the people who travel from their homes in the United States in order to help.