Caitlin Connolly is a photographer based in San Francisco. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. I used her photos in the Morocco episode of Posh Corps Shorts

In Caitlin’s own words:

I discovered my love for travel and different cultures when I was in my teens, and have pursued the two passions ever since; I was drawn to Anthropology and language studies in college, and have since followed my nose around the world, open to places as they became accessible to me. Sharing what I experience has always been a priority, and my favorite outlet to share these experiences has always been photography—It captures the colors, richness and emotion of a foreign place in ways that words and stories alone can’t. I relive an adventure, sentiment, or lesson experienced as a result of my travels when I look at my pictures, and I hope to share a bit of that with others.

From my own perspective, Caitlin’s work is startlingly good. Like many other artists, Caitlin is too busy shooting to make a website, but if you’d like to buy a print or hire Caitlin for a shoot, contact her here:


- Alan Toth