What is Peace Corps?

Let's be honest, most people don't know or don't care.

Why not? We think it's because of the way the volunteer story is told. The volunteer story is carefully manicured, and polished, until it very precisely says nothing of consequence. Volunteers work overseas, they spend all day dreaming about saving the world, they have perfect manners, they love John F. Kennedy, they smile constantly. They are perfect, two-dimensional caricatures of worldly do-gooders.

We believe Peace Corps service is more than a sound bite.

We believe Peace Corps is a cultural phenomenon, and one of the most authentic experiences offered to American citizens. The experience is unique, gritty, and real. Peace Corps volunteers are the most varied interesting people around, but no one is sharing their stories. We hear stories of agency policies. We hear stories of the sepia-toned romanticism of JFK and the Sixties. We never hear anything authentic about modern volunteers.

Over the last two years, we've met with hundreds of returned volunteers who want to be heard but have no audience to listen. Without the opportunity to tell their stories, these returned volunteers quickly become disenfranchised. The Posh Corps team intends to help them by providing a forum. There are 200,000 returned volunteers with unique, exciting, important stories to tell. We’re new media professionals, using our skills to help volunteers share their stories.

We're not defending policy. We're not enshrining a legacy.

We're listening to volunteers, and sharing their stories honestly.

We hope you'll enjoy our work, and share your story.